Personalised Gifts Printing Bristol, Mug Printing, Vinyl Stickers

Before you start designing your personalised gift, you will need to choose the type of product that you would like to personalise. 

You will be prompted to choose a product when you first load the designer, or it can be found by clicking Product on the designer’s menu bar.

Personalised Gifts Printing Bristol, Mug Printing, Vinyl Stickers

By using the tools along the designer’s menu, you have everything you need to create your personalised masterpiece. You can add text, photographs and clipart to your design.

Templates: Choose from a selection of premade designs, you can add your own photos and text to these to make it how you want.

Clipart: Add a bit of colour to your design with the help of our clipart gallery. If you can find the image you need then you can upload one using Images.

Images: Nothing makes a personalised gift than using a photograph. You can search for free images to use by clicking on “Resources”, or you can upload your own photo. You can upload the images from your computer or from a mobile phone/tablet.

Text: You can add various designs of text to you product by clicking or dragging it on to the product. You can move the text by clicking and dragging it, or you can resize it by using the icon in the bottom right of the text.

To edit the text simply double click on the text to bring up the text properties and change the colour by clicking the paint pot symbol on the task bar.

Other text tools to rotate the text, alignment and changing the font can be done on the toolbar.

Shapes: There are many shapes available to add by clicking on the shapes button, you can then click on a shape to add it to the design. These can be resized and move the same as text.

Personalised Gifts Printing Bristol, Mug Printing, Vinyl Stickers

Once your happy with your design, double check that everything is how you want it. If there are any mistakes these will be printed on the final product.

When your ready, simply click “Add To Cart” at the top of the screen and then click on “Checkout Now” if you are ready to pay.

You can see the contents of your cart by clicking “View Cart Details”

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